Miami MAgic City Bail Bonds - Important Bail Bond Information Links

Miami Magic City Bail Bonds, Fianzas Miami Important links relating to bail bond laws, leyes sobre fiancistas
Miami dade county jail and miami corrections department statues and links for bail bondsmans, Fiancistas en miami.



Miami Dade and all Miami Bail Bond Cmpanies are regulated by Florida Statutes. The following are important links to the various Florida Statutes that regulate the Bail Bonds Companies and Bail Bond Agents in Miami and throughout Florida.


Florida Statutes 648- All Miami Dade Bail Bondsman must follow these laws


Florida Statutes 903- General Outline of all laws that any Bail Bondsman, Bail Agent or Bail Bond Company must follow


Leyes de Fianzas de Miami, Capitulo 903 de las Leyes de Fianza y Fiancista en Miami


Flrodia Administrative Rules Chapter 4-1- This Chapter dictates and authotizes the enforcement of Statutes regarding Bail Bond operations in Florida